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Top Ten Marathons Held In Chicago: The Windy City

The Best Marathons Held In Chicago: The Windy City

How Marathons Have Influenced The Culture of Chicago
Marathon racing has been a large part of the Chicago culture for many decades now. In fact, some of the most famous and competitive marathon races of all time were featured in The Windy City. However, Chicago is a bustling city with a plethora of activities and live events that occur every month.

Chicago Is One of The Best Cities In The World
Additionally, Chicago is one of the most frequented cities in the United States. Not only (more…)

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Top Five Marathons Held In The Windy City…Chicago

Training for a marathon is more than just knowing when it is going to be held and going to it. You really should spend months training for the upcoming event so that you can be prepared for it. Certain marathons are just for charity, but there are many others that will actually give large prizes to those who win. Because of this, it just makes sense that you should train hard for the marathon in order to do your very best at it. Training for a (more…)

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The Best Marathons That Chicago Holds Annually

The city of Chicago is a popular destination for many reasons. You may find yourself in Chicago for business, pleasure or even a little of both. You can find great cultural activities, fine dining, superb shopping and tons of sight seeing adventures all throughout the Chicago area. You can also make your trip to Chicago one that is active in nature as the city hosts plenty of marathons for those runners who want to have a challenging event that takes them through the beautiful city itself. The best marathons that Chicago holds annually are those (more…)

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What Marathons Will Keep You Running In Chicago

If you like to run marathons and you live in the Windy City there are enough races to keep you running year round. Chicago has some of the world’s most popular marathons. Whether you like half marathons or you want to run the entire 26.2 miles you are sure to love the slate of marathons this broad-shouldered city has to offer. The races start early in the year and will keep you busy until Thanksgiving.

Chicago has five major marathons. They are the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago Lakefront 50K George (more…)

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Choosing The Correct Marathon In Chicago To Suit You

If you have never run in a Chicago marathon before, there are several steps that can assist you in choosing the right one.
The first consideration is the type of shape that the runner is in. If you have always been a couch potato, then it is still possible to run a Chicago marathon than if you are already running on a regular basis. Experts recommend that the runner spend a minimum of 18 weeks preparing to run their first marathon. Look on the calendar for marathons that are close to that date.
The second consideration in (more…)

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The Races Coming Up In The Chicago Marathon Community

It is the beginning of another great year in athletics for the Chicago marathon community since there is a lot in store for the runners and the spectators respectively.

The opening of this years racing event will be the famous Chicago marathon whose registration is almost closed with a large number of runners having registered within a remarkably short period of time.The training begins in June and will be going all the way to the end of the race. This is for (more…)

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Chicago Marathons: Tips and Tricks To Withstand The Competition

Are you planning on running your first Chicago Marathon this year? If you are, you won’t be alone. Running has become an extremely popular sport due to the cost and accessibility. To ensure your first marathon won’t be your last, try following these easy tips to withstand the competition.

Check with your physician before starting any exercise regimen. A physician can ascertain whether you are in good health and if you have any physical conditions (more…)

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Do You Enjoy Running? Do A Marathon In Chicago!

Amateur and professional runners alike enjoy a good challenge. Running in a marathon is one way to test your own personal limits, experience the thrill of competition and push yourself to new limits. If you enjoy running, for fun, http://directtelevisionpackages.com/direct-tv/Nebraska/Direct-TV-Lincoln/, exercise or simply as a form of relaxation; you should consider running a marathon in Chicago. A Chicago based marathon draws global attention, brings in contestants from around the country and the world and gives you a chance to compete in a marathon that garners plenty of attention and draws a crowd. The sheer exhilaration of running through the streets and areas of Chicago, while the scenic skyline is in the distance, is a way to take your running to a whole new level. Chicago marathons are suitable for those who are new to marathon running and for those who are seasoned veterans and have been running in races for many years. You will experience the thrill of the race itself, all while being in one of the most picturesque and interesting cities in the United States. Running in a marathon is perhaps one of the best ways to test and prove your stamina, athletic ability and overall love of the sport.

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